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screen magnifier for smartphone(Ai-002)

Principle Of Function:

•Mobile phone screen amplifying glass ( item# Ai-001) is produced by Aiyinbao company.  By using French Fresnel high

definition optical technology to make mobile phone screen amplified 2 to 3 times. The amplified image is clear and

vivid, thoroughly solving the uncomfortable problem of watching small screen of mobile phone, effectively protecting

the eyesight. The product structure adopts innovative combined type of angle regulators and clip back design (has

obtained national patent rights),no matter what kinds of mobile phone can very good be chiped to prevent sliding or

falling damage mobile phone,It is simple and easy to operate, suitable for various types and models of mobile phones.

In effect, in addition to using high-definition optical enlarged screen, added a large visor on the top of magnifier,

can be a very good effect to block light into effect to watch.With simple and small structure,it is easy to carry on.

This product uses high definition optical amplifying technology, doesn’t use electrical power, there is no use cost,

it is saving energy and protecting environment, suitable for use in various occasions and activities, such as indoor,

camping, traveling, entertaining, learning, etc.

•To effectively solve the screen to used for a long time had dust, and influence to clarity, the phone Magnifer only

need to rinse in water, put to dry for like new, use and maintenance is very simple, is a good gift.


1.Packing materials: blister + color box

2. screen size;8 inches(16.8*10.8)

3. product size:190mm*160mm*28mm 

Unit box size:195mm*200mm*30mm,Unit weight(including packing):235g

4. carton size: 40*34*40cm/48pcs

5. N.W.:11.3KGS  G.W.:12.3KG

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